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The Yoga Community Project has two primary objectives:


Our mission is to introduce and connect Yoga as a support program to those challenged with drug/alcohol addiction, anorexia/bulimia, cancer, PTSD and depression to ultimately bring about healing and a stronger sense of individual well-being. 


Our vision is to support the yoga community as a business, bring about additional education and awareness for yoga teachers, supplemental training, as well as immersion programs, events and conferences.   Ultimately our hope is to bring about a stronger sense of community and collaboration across the world. 





“Mindfulness provides a simple but powerful route for getting ourselves unstuck and back in touch with our own wisdom and vitality. It is a way to take charge of the direction and quality of our own lives, including our relationships within the family, our relationships to work, the larger world and the planet, and most fundamentally, our relationship with ourself as a person.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                 — Jon Kabat-Zinn

Yoga has the power to heal. It is not a religion, but instead a daily practice of self-care, a system designed to provide each of us with support or relief from the things that ail us the most.  Emotional growth and development in of itself can be difficult and painful, now layer in dealing with serious and stressful issues such as anorexia/bulimia, cancer, domestic violence, PTSD and/or addiction and the process can feel more than a little overwhelming.   The practice of Yoga is a good anecdote to all these issues, it's very therapeutic and teaches us that our bodies have the ability to heal themselves and provides a respite for our minds to become quiet, still and peaceful, which allows us to fully recover.   


The Yoga Community Project is a multi-layered approach to help you deal more effectively with anything that is depleting your body.  When dealing with serious circumstances, the adrenal glands become depleted, your central nervous system is overtaxed and as a whole, it is increasingly more difficult to cope with normal day to day activities.   Our approach integrates all things yoga: breathing, meditation and postures designed to simultaneously support your mind, body and spirit as an entire system so the healing process can become accelerated and your overall well-being improves.  


Our secondary objective is to create a broad based yoga community where all of the forms of yoga come together and are fully exposed and embraced by one another.  We are hoping to create fuller integration and more collaboration within yoga communities across the nation and ultimately across the world.  







Our conference objective begins with the spirit of community in humanity. The human condition lacks community in today's world.  The word “Sangha” is a Sanskrit word that means, literally, a community that joins and lives together. On another level, it also refers to a community of purifications and realizations on a mental continuum that also exist together, interacting and working together.  More precisely, on this second level, sangha refers to the cessations of true sufferings and their causes, plus the pathway minds that led to the attainment of those cessations on the mental continuum of an arya (the things we value). That arya can be either us or someone else.  If we embody Sangha, a community coming together, then we are working toward one constructive goal which is either liberation or enlightenment. 


The Sangha Spirit Conference hosts several yoga classes, workshops, meditation and Kirtan.  We hope you will join us for a very special day to help raise funds that allow us to bring this beautiful practice in support of our programs and services.   Definition inspired by Dr. Alexander Berzin.

Experience some of the best and brightest teachers Dallas/Fort Worth has to offer!   A full day of Yoga topped 
off with a special concert featuring the Bhakti House Band and House of Hearts Band. 

 Unity of Dallas, 6525 Forest Ln, Dallas 75230

October 17th, 2015 9:00 am to 10:00 pm 

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