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he Yoga Community Project has created an event created to meet a dual purpose: to support our programs and services by raising much needed funds in support of those dealing with the best life throws at us and to 


JOIN US ON 04.09.16

add a LOCAL yoga event to expose all forms of yoga to those who attend. We endeavor to bring local content infused with national and international content and instructors. 
Our conference hosts 9 different yoga classes (many traditions of yoga for you to experience), 3 Kirtan sessions, and 3 yoga related classroom lecture sessions for you to enjoy and learn from as well.

2:30 p.m.

10:00 a.m.

Registration Opens

12:15 p.m.

Conference Ends at 4:00 p.m.
Brook Cheatham:
Thom Allen:     
    Svadhyaya Yoga - The Journey to Self 
Laura Caon:  Therapeautics
Gaby Pusateri:    
     Yoga for Pregnancy 
The Bhakti House Band 
Main Hall 
Adult Classroom
Assembly Room  
Classroom #4
Classroom #5
Amber Shumake: Invert Your Soul  
Barb Totzke & Douchka Lecot:
   Tantra-Lizing Yoga
Kristen & Randall Brooks: Mantra Meditation
David Sunshine: Men's Workshop
Kyari Project
Main Hall 
Adult Classroom
Assembly Room  
Classroom #4
Classroom #5
Dean Hollingsworth - Yoga for Addiction 
Surya Pratibha (Brook Barrow):  
   Sound Healing Bhakti Class
David Dhanvantari Tietje & Leah Lila:
   Vedic Thai Yoga Fusion 
Kendall Inman:  
    Ayurveda: Creating a Life of Balance 
Stefani Tovar: Kirtan 
Main Hall 
Adult Classroom
Assembly Room  
Classroom #4
Classroom #5

9:00 a.m.

Conference Schedule



(Limited availability per classroom)  

All sessions are 1.5 hours in duration 

$75 for an All Day Pass 

$60 for 2 Classes if you are unable to attend the Full Day 

Conference Pricing

Sponsorship & Vendor Opportunities



Styles of Yoga 

Dharma Yoga
Vedic Thai


Talented Presenters 

Kendall Inman
Leah Lila
Thom Allen
Amber Schumake
Barb Totzke
Gaby Pusateri
David Dhanvantari Tietje
David Sunshine
Brook Barrow
Douchka Lecot
Stefanie Tovar
Laura Coan
Dean Hollingsworth
The Bhakti House Band
The Kyari Project
Brook Cheatham
Kristen and Randall Brooks
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